Nike Kyrie 3

Nike Kyrie 3 Review

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Probably not much to say about Kyrie Irving: 25-year-old, Four-times All-Star, one-time NBA champion Three Point Champion, NBA championship with Cleveland Cavaliers. He is still the youngest star in the NBA in particular as well as the general sports. He himself has three pairs of signature shoes with Nike, especially Nike Kyrie 2, which became Nike’s best-selling basketball shoes in 2016. Does the Nike Kyrie 3 equate to his brother in terms of performance or No, please read this article by

Nike Kyrie 3 Design

Both Nike Kyrie pairs have a similar design and Kyrie 3 is no exception. The biggest difference is that Nike Kyrie 3 has returned to the traditional design with the Nike logo on the side instead of the straps. Among the cheap shoes among the signature, Kyrie 3 continues to use fuse and mesh fabric for the shoe. On some color combinations use plastic but most of them are for decorating only. Another difference from the previous two was that the material underneath the shoe was made of mesh fabric and had two Flywire threads on each side.

The midsole is exactly the same as the Kyrie 2 with most of the Phylon and the Heel Zoom (you can see the Zoom through the plastic under the sole). Nike continues to use the design of the ball but not as advertised in the previous version. The base also has a distinctly different zig zag pattern and two separate areas on either side of the toe.

Nike Kyrie 3 Stickiness

Unsurprisingly, the Kyrie 3 works extremely well on all surfaces thanks to its two pincers at the toes. Almost like Nike creating two distinct blade traction areas. These two windings also protrude from the substrate surface, making them more exposed to the floor. The only minus point is that the area around the two nodes does not cling to other areas, which Kyrie 2 does better.

The sole should not use for outdoor play, especially at cement yards.

Nike Kyrie 3 Hugging

Kyrie 3 fit is the right size so unless your legs are too much, do not overdo it. One thing that writers find weird is that many of you like to buy shoes that increase by half or more than one size and tell others to do the same. In most cases, please buy the correct size on the board size change to foot size (eg 27 cm to size 44,  will revisit this table as soon as possible) and buy up or down half size As the case may be. I heard a friend very assertive that these shoes have to buy to size but after that, he says that because of his Nike Elite socks thick enough to buy half size.

Kyrie 3 is better than Kyrie 1 because of the neck of the huge but it’s still less than the Kyrie 2 after using the cross straps. However, the Kyrie 3 did not bring any sense of abundance and hugged firmly thanks to the asymmetrical rope system. The nose is also more comfortable due to the area made of mesh fabric that makes the foot movement much more smooth, especially when the shoe is new.


Nike Kyrie 3 Buffers

Continue with Kyrie 2’s “yes or no” set-up, do not expect a little shock. If soft and smooth is what you like or your knees or aches after playing the ball, Nike Kyrie is not for you. Not only that, the pads are thinner and Nike does not use Poron for foot area like Kyrie 2 anymore. Of course, the Phylon class will soften after a while, but if you have had pain before then you will not be much better. If you do not like the Kyrie 2 pad you will not like the Kyrie 3 pad.

The strength of the Kyrie 3 is still its ultra-high-speed response that delivers zero speed and “zero” latency in motion. The round design of the sole remains the same, making the movement of the shoes smoother.

Nike Kyrie 3 Firmness

The Nike Kyrie 3 is almost identical to the Kyrie 2 with wide plates, rounded corners and solid foam that keep you firmly in place. Although the soft-necked neck does not bring any stiffness, Kyrie 3’s perfect foot rest compensates for it. Most recent shoes do not use the neckline design anymore to increase flexibility and focus on other details.

Conclusion – Nike Kyrie 3

Kyrie 3 is a very high-heeled shoe, very clinging to the minimalist cushioning system for breakthrough defenders. Both shoes are designed to help you not miss a second on the pitch but the price is low and low defect ability. However, getting a pair of simple shoes like the Kyrie 3 can also help you gradually improve your joints if used properly.

Compared with the predecessor, the Kyrie 3 has not improved anything but designed slightly different. Nike’s next move could be to find more foot pads or think of a platform that is much better than Kyrie 2. 

We hope this article helps you evaluate this shoe more easily. Any comments or suggestions please comment on post .

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