Nike Kobe XI Elite Review

Nike Kobe XI Elite Review

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How does the Elite version of Nike Kobe XI Elite performer ?

Nike Kobe XI Elite Material (Material / Design)

Flyknit continues to use in the Elite version of Nike Kobe XI Elite , but Nike has reinforced with plastic “threads” to boost the top of the pack. In addition Flywire cables also use on the sides of the shoe. Finally the leather material uses for the heels and the reed. The difference from the old Elite is that Nike is no longer holding high design anymore.

Kobe XI Elite returned to the original frame design with midsole removers as of Kobe VII, VIII and IX. The midsole of the elite version favors with a slip-resistant upper fabric, triangular cut lines for increased flexibility, and a heel-covered pouch. The outsole outsole uses a new form of Nike’s specially crafted texture.

Nike Kobe XI Elite  Traction

The shuttlecock and an extra large groove in the middle help the shoes have better grip than expected. In return, dust is a very obvious weakness of the Kobe XI Elite when the writer almost can not avoid the slip when changing direction at the ball. The kind of rubber used is pretty easy to peel off and scratch, which is a shame for a pair of $ 200 shoes. Under ideal conditions, Kobe XI Elite is one of the shoes with impressive traction, but the instability on the surface of the bad yard made the interior of the XI Elite lost quite a lot of points.

Nike Kobe XI Elite  Comfort & Fit (Smoothness, ability to hold legs)

The Nike Kobe XI Elite fit is just the right size and is more comfortable than the previous Kobe Special Editions at the forefoot, so anyone with a wide leg would not need to buy half the size. As mentioned above, Kobe XI Elite reinforces Flyknit by knitting TPU flexible plastic yarn. This provides a more “full” footprint and is stronger than previous mesh versions such as Nike Kobe VIII, IX, but the shoe does not fit in the leg like a mesh or knit.

Ignoring Nike’s self-sacrificing advantages of knit material for added stability, the Kobe XI Elite hugged the leg very well. The “fullness” of the footprint comes not only from the thickness of the upper but also from the backing of the tongue and the neck of the shoe. The removable midsole is also closer to the shoe than the older pair.

The cockpit forms an inner bootie that makes you comfortable. Left midrange Lunarlon is also very quiet and does not take break-in time as other materials.

Nike Kobe XI Elite  Cushioning

Nike XI Elite’s cushioning system is similar to the upcoming Kobe X and Kobe AD, Lunarlon with Zoom on the heels.

Lunarlon is still very comfortable, lightweight and gives a good pitch feel. Especially with Kike XI Elite-inspired hexagonal cut lines, the responsiveness, and responsiveness of the Kobe XI Elite are slightly improved compared to the conventional lunarlon lining. The weakest point of this buffer system is that it is not strong enough to use the Lunar and the damping is small, not suitable for those who are overweight.

The heel of the heel is extremely strong and bouncy, but because it is bottom-loaded, you will not feel it too much. If you have nearly $ 300 to spend, the full-length Zoom option on Nike ID also offers better buffering. Or if you have the Kobe VIII Elite, you can take advantage of the Zoom pad with both its nose and heel.

In general, the Kobe XI Elite pads provide the right foot pads, the same feel of the yard, and great flexibility.

Nike Kobe XI Elite  Stability / Support / Containment

With both sides on both heels and toes, the Nike Kobe XI Elite is a very stable platform. This plus the thin padding makes for a very safe feeling of movement.

With such a low-necked pair of shoes, the hugging of the shoe determines most of the strength or support of the shoes and the Kobe XI Elite is perfectly standard. The whole body of Flyknit shoe pads heel to help compensate for the simple structure of the shoes. The outsole also forms a frame on the sides of the shoe, which is also quite useful.

Contain Kobe XI pretty good nose and heels thanks to the rubber outsole. However, the nose needs to cover the midfoot wider to cover your legs better. In general, the Nike Kobe XI Elite is a solid pair of shoes that you can rest assured while walking.

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