Nike KD 9 Review

Nike KD 9 Review

As one of the NBA’s most valuable players, Kevin Durant has been steadily gaining ground in both the field and the shoe market. In an interview with $ 150 Nike KD 9, Kevin Durant said, “I’m not a $ 88 player. I am one of the best players of the tournament. “($ 88 is the price of the first Nike KD pair). SNKR Vietnam would like to evaluate the material, the performance of Deal 9 so that readers read the Dealer 9 is worth the $ 150 price of it.


Nike KD 9 – Material (Material / Design)

Instead of using upper flyweave as KD 8, Nike 9 uses Flyknit for the nose and regular heel fabric. All of KD 9’s upper body is simply a bootie material. Flyknit nose is sewn in honeycomb form to create a sturdy frame while retaining a certain elasticity. The pierced holes are sewn to the upper and below the Flyknit section with a thin nylon layer that reinforces the upper.

The connection between the two pieces of material is a slim piece of Fuse, while Nike is also a pattern for the nose heel to look at the feeling of smooth transition.

The left midsole is Phylon, which is placed on a very large “giant” Max Zoom bag. The tip of the shoe is divided into grooves for added flexibility – a common defect of Max Zoom as seen in Lebron X. The sole of the Dealer 9 is also essentially a honeycomb in the heel and footrest and the back edge is A variant of the herringbone variant. Outsole is also rounded corners instead of a traditional flat shoes


The honeycomb pattern of KD 9 has a fairly wide gap to prevent dusting and the edges are still fish bone so on the surface of the good grip of the KD 9 nothing to blame. Even splitting the shoes of the KD 9 will increase the grip because your legs will be more flexible, resulting in more accurate and accurate grip. Not to mention the groove can also replace the platform in some difficult situations.

At the dusty yard of KD 9 will be slightly reduced but dust is not a big problem with this design. You may notice that the honeycomb structure is of the “closed” type as SNKRVN has analyzed in Lebron Soldier X and Super.Fly V but thanks to the combination of the two types of dock as well as the thicker base, 9 is better. Rubber material is quite soft so KD 9 is not really suitable for outdoor. However, there are people who think that the rubber material in some colors is hard enough to withstand the erosion of cement.

Rubber base of sales of 9 “Gold Medal” is harder than the usual “double” in the “USA” rubber?

Comfort & Fit

The first problem you will encounter with KD 9 is the very strong shoe collar that makes it very hard for the foot to enter. Compensation is also the only problem of the KD 9 because the material upper and the Zoom are designed to be as quiet as possible. You may notice some discomfort in the tip of the foot or the joint between the two layers of material in the beginning.


KD 9 fit fit but by the design of a bootie, the lace will not be as effective as on a traditional pair of shoes. Unless you feet wide (wide footers), you should buy down half size to have your legs firmly hugged.

Once you get the right size, you will not have to worry too much about the size of the KD 9. The buffer around the heel is quite thick and the Flywire cable in the ankle hugging behind the heel keeps the heel tighter and minimizes slipping. heel. In this respect, KD 9 is a bit better than adidas Crazylight Boost 2016.

Overall, the comfort and fit of the Nike KD 9 is fine, but on the condition that you buy the right size.


As the fourth Nike Basketball shoes use the Max Zoom Pad, KD 9’s buffer has been completely redesigned. Instead of a dense Zoom bag in the Lebron X or KD 6 Elite, the Max Zoom of the KD 9 is made very thin for optimum strength. The Phylon layer is also cut thin to reduce the thickness of the substrate is quite thin. In the end, Nike increased the amount of fiber in Zoom several times to increase the sensitivity and bounce of Zoom.

You almost have direct contact with the Zoom pocket on the nose and heel instead of going through a Phylon class. Nike has cut off most of the extra details to make the Max Zoom of Dealer 9.

In addition, the Zoom bag is “clipped” on the nose and heels for increased flexibility. In addition, Nike has removed hard plastic edge margin 8 in order to fully feel the Zoom. All the above reasons make up a very thin buffer with a high pitched, agile feel, but with the exceptionally smooth and bouncy aspect of the zoom on the entire sole. It can be said that Nike has been extremely creative with the Max Zoom bag of KD 9 this time. You have a pair of shoes that are much quieter than the previous model, with prices ranging from $ 30 to $ 50. Remember that KD 6 Elite used Max Zoom but was almost ignored by Kevin Durant because it was too heavy for him.

Stability / Support / Containment

Although the background of KD 9 is not as wide as some pairs with large cushions (Rose 7, Crazy Explosive), but with a rounded design on the base with thin midsole, the shoe is generally quite stable. Especially the heel has a wide enough background to create a barrier.

The rounded base also makes it easier for you to utilize the Zoom bag, to move more naturally, and to prevent pinching without the use of an outrigger.

The reliability of KD 9 depends largely on leg hugging so SNKRVN advises you to spend more time choosing the right size. The outside heel of KD 9 is quite thin and baby should work very little, mainly your heels will be protected by the buffer also blocks the heel in the shoe. Midfoot support is also purely buffer based.

KD 9’s Flyknit material is also quite secure thanks to the addition of Nylon and honeycomb. However, in the case of folding brakes or diverting the foot, it will slip off the soleplate a little. If Nike lifts the Phylon up a bit or uses plastic as adidas Crazylight Boost, the containment of the KD 9 is much better. Anyway, compared to the knit material of several pairs such as Brandblack JC2 or adidas Crazylight Boost 2015, KD 9 is more secure.


Using Flyknit with Max Zoom Buffer, KD 9 is one of Nike’s shining shoes for 2016. Depending on some weaknesses such as ruggedness and Flyknit, the Nike KD 9 is very stable. In other ways. On the cushioning side, there is no company that can keep up with Nike KD 9.

KD 9 is very suitable for you need large foot pads but moving, turning on the yard a lot. Some big man can still use this shoe because the sole and buffer are sufficient for all positions. The $ 150 price can be a bit high for many people, but it’s worth what the shoes bring. Because KD 9 has a time so you can also take advantage of discount code to buy under the original price.