Nike HyperRev 2016 review

Nike HyperRev 2016 Review

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Since the release of HyperRev in 2014 for Kyrie Irving, HyperRev is becoming one of the most popular shoes in the NBA. The latest version – Nike HyperRev 2016 can even be considered the highest rated Nike basketball shoes in the past year when the performance on the price too good.

Nike HyperRev 2016 Material (Material / Design)

HyperRev 2016 has the upper part made up largely of flexible and reinforced neoprene material by Fuse. The biggest difference of Rev 2016 compared to other shoes is that the shoe collar is sewn with an inelastic fabric that makes it difficult to enter. Fuse material covers the tip of the foot and forms a bandage on the foot. Finally, a block of hard plastic heels with Nike letters imprinted quite impressive.

Foot pads made of Phylon with Zoom in the nose and heels (You can see the Zoom pockets on the heels are revealed after the Nike logo.) Finally, the outsole with the shuttle still on the soleplate.

Nike HyperRev 2016 Traction

If you want to be the only one on the field without having to clean your soles in a few minutes, then HyperRev 2016 is the shoes for you. The design of the shuttlecocks gives you a very well-rounded cinema, and you can attach your head evenly on even dusty surfaces. Although the rubber material on the base is also hard enough to play outdoor, using Rev 2016 for the outdoor patio is a bit wasteful.

Nike HyperRev 2016 Comfort & Fit

In addition, the fuse material does not cause the feet but still do a good job strengthening the body of the shoe. The Phylon layer on the sole is also softer and quieter than the Nike used on other shoe models. Except for the uncomfortable neckline at the time of entry, Nike has done very well on the comfort section for HR 2016.

Hyperrev 2016 fit the right size but you should try first to ensure the best size. Anyway, the neoprene material is capable of embracing many forms of the foot without causing discomfort. The biggest problem you may face is the bandage slipping off the ball, but even so the shoes are still very hugging.

Nike HyperRev 2016 Cushioning

Nike-zoom-hyperrev-2016-deconstructed-74 Cross section of Nike HyperRev 2016. If Air and Polyurethane Pads were Nike’s standard in the 1990s, Zoom Air and Phylon are the benchmarks of current basketball shoes. However, most Nike pairs have recently had problems with Zoom using too small Zoom Units or Phylon too hard. HyperRev 2016 is an exception to the Soldier 9 and Jordan’s Unlocked Zoom series with a large zoom bag and a soft enough Phylon.

HyperRev 2016’s leg cramps are the wish of anyone who does not like any lag in the competition. Zoom bags in the nose provide the leaps and feel of the yard, while the zoom in the heel is very good for kicking or kicking the heels. If you want to try the feel of Zoom without the spare wallet to buy dealer 9, Jordan XXX, XXXI, Super.Fly IV then HyperRev 2016 is the most affordable option.

Nike HyperRev 2016Stability / Support / Containment

The sturdy footplate and the midsole design surround the foot like the Soldier IX, which delivers a firm grip on a pair of lightweight shoes such as the HyperRev 2016. Other details include fuse material, heel block and fixed pads. The legs also form a stable frame for your feet.

The outrigger edge helps to avoid flipping the same midsole wrapped on the outside of the foot ensuring that your foot does not slip off the sole.

Nike HyperRev 2016 – Conclusion:

Nike HyperRev 2016 offers excellent grip, standard zoom and assurance for all positions. With prices ranging from $ 60 to $ 90, there is currently no better option. Unless you can not stand the neck of your shoes, there is no reason why you would not give HR 2016 your “rotation”.

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