Nike Hyperdunk Elite 2016 review

Nike Hyperdunk Elite 2016 Review

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Perhaps due to the focus on signature shoe products and the relative optimism about what Jordan brands have done, it has been a long time since we have seen an impressive Nike basketball shoes. And apparently, to assert its place in the market as well as recapture fan favorites. Nike released the Hyperdunk 2016, which impressed the Hyperdunk Elite Flyknit. In review, the Nike Hyperdunk Elite 2016 is a nice pair of shoes, with excellent padding. However, the loose part of the Flyknit in the shoe and heels of the shoe, along with the high price tag, is a big minus. Let SNKR Vietnam learn more about what Nike has done and not yet in this year’s Hyperdunk version.

Nike Hyperdunk Elite 2016 Clinging

The Nike Hyperdunk Elite’s transparent substrate surface is very nice and works well with clean, dusty surfaces. Similar to Kobe XI, grooves on the outsole of the Hyperdunk Elite are not deep, resulting in a very sticky and dusty base. Tested with cleanly cleaned parquet floors, the shoes provide a good grip on the boot. The middle V cutter works well every time you suddenly divert or suddenly accelerate.

One note for you is that these shoes are not suitable for outdoor play, especially with the yard condition in Vietnam. The rubber grooves are very soft, thin and prone to erosion only four to five times on the legs. In short, in a perfect pitch, the shoes do not disappoint, but they do not provide a great experience.

Nike Hyperdunk Elite 2016 Quietness

If you ask Nike Hyperdunk Elite 2016 is really smooth and good support for the feet? The answer is yes. Excellent? Not. It’s good to see that Nike is equipped with Full-length Zoom buffers for Hyperdunk Elite 2016. And shoes do not disappoint. However, what Nike promised with the effect of “trampoline” (rough translation is the effect of the trampoline) does not bring much effect. However, if you are a big fan of Zoom Air then this is the shoes you can hardly ignore. The shoes are almost supportive of every position: the big players will feel the support of the soles of the feet, while the small players will feel very smooth from the ability to respond well. shoes.

Nike Hyperdunk Elite 2016 Materials


While KD9 is Nike’s breakthrough in designing a pair of basketball shoes made almost entirely of Flyknit. Hyperdunk Elite is a step backward and will bring quite disappointing results. In addition to the body part of the shoe and the neck of the shoe made entirely of Flyknit. the nose and heel of the pair of shoes are glued together with glue as we see in the Kobe 9 Elite. This helps keep the shoe from stable but does not make the most of the advantages of Flyknit to help keep the toes and heels comfortable.

Another factor that Nike should improve on later versions is the lack of shoe laces. When the Flyknit in the middle of the shoe is very soft and light, the carrier tends to slip forward because the foot is not squeezed tight enough. You can tighten your tightly to limit this situation. however, after 2 hours of play, you will feel extremely uncomfortable because of an excessive squeeze.


With the characteristics of the upper flyknit, Nike recommends that we bring half size reduction. However, it must  stress that this is an extremely difficult pair of shoes. You should be on your own feet to be able to choose the size of the shoes that best suits you. If you have long feet then congratulations, Hyperdunk Elite 2016 is the shoes for you.

Nike Hyperdunk Elite 2016 Support

It can be hard to get good support from Flyknit shoes such as the Hyperdunk Elite 2016. However, what Nike has done is beyond what we expected. Flywire ‘s heel support and Flywire suspension system excellently completes its mission, combined with a large footrest that helps keep the feet firmly on the move, offsetting the shortfall that Flyknit Can not meet

Nike Hyperdunk Elite 2016 – Conclusion

The Nike Hyperdunk Elite 2016 is a nice, smooth and comfortable pair of shoes. The shoes have a unique design, featuring the latest technology and features of “the swoosh” this year. So do I have money to buy it? Probably not. At $ 200 USD ($ 4,500,000), there are probably a lot of options to play. Otherwise, maybe what we can do is wait until the end of the year.

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