Adidas Light Em Up 2 Review

Adidas Light Em Up 2 Review

As a cheap model ($ 80 only), the Adidas Light Em Up 2 has the performance not inferior to the more expensive shoes.

Adidas Light Em Up 2 Material (Material / Design)

The Adidas Light Em Up 2 has a high-necked design and sock and mesh body (the screen mesh you see in Hyperdunk 2016 ). Instead of using the discs, the shoe makes in the form of a burrito with the shoe tongue attached to the outer body, as opposed to Curry 2.5. The asymmetrical tie system of nylon strands fits well into the minimalist design of the shoe. Logo 3 Adidas stripes style into 3 soft plastic bars behind the heel.

The midsole takes from Adidas Rose 773 IV with the Bounce stretching most of the foot. The soles are extremely fine with fish bone motions running across and along the outside.

Adidas Light Em Up 2 Traction

With a standard fishbone groove design and soft rubber material, Adidas Light Em Up 2 grips extremely well even when dusty. Although the shoes do not make skin to the floor the rubber “bite” into the pitch is very neat, there is no latency for the next move. The heels and outer edges of the toes use a larger horizontal platform, which makes the brake shoes very fast with horizontal movements.

Adidas Light Em Up 2 Comfort & Fit (Smoothness, ability to hold legs)

With the full upper from the foam covered mesh, Adidas Light Em Up 2 pretty hard when you go. Writers need to play ball for at least 2.3 sessions to make the material more comfortable and comfortable. In return, from the very first time, the shoes were hugged tightly, the sock in the heels of the shoes to ensure your legs do not slip off in any case. The burrito grille design and lightweight wire rope make it easy to slip into Curry 2.5. The tongue and heel is quite high, but it can be annoying after break-in time. However, those who like low neck may not be very comfortable.

Light Em Up 2 feet from right size to larger than half size. Writers always use size 10.5 for all pairs and 10.5 of  Light Em Up 2 is quite okay though the forehead is slightly oversized. You can buy down half size to feel hugged tighter. Fortunately, the shoes do not use a lot of hard material so you do not have to worry about leg pain.

Adidas Light Em Up 2 Cushioning

Adidas Light Em Up 2 is the third Adidas basketball shoes that use Bounce after the Rose 773 IV and Rose Englewood 4. The midsole of the three pairs is almost identical, but the Light Em Up Bounce is somewhat stronger than the other two versions. And more so than Lillard 2. This also means the shoes will compress less, not as smooth but also withstand more force and sensitivity.

Bounce can be said to be a poor version of Boost due to its always used in cheap shoes but in fact, Bounce can stand on par with other manufacturers’ foam technology. Even compared to Boost, Bounce is more robust and has a better bounce depending on the design. In Adidas Light Em Up 2, the heel is well absorbed and the nose is extremely sensitive (but also less smooth) due to the extremely thin nose pad.

Those who like soft cushioning may not like it, but speed priority players will be pleased with the design. The shoe lining is quite thin and basic, but the Adidas glue quite tight so candles want to change the shoe lining you have sacrificed original pieces. In general, the light capacity of Light Em Up 2 is very moderate, but not equal to Lillard 2 but not inferior to Rose 773 IV is more expensive than $ 30.

Adidas Light Em Up 2 – Stability / Support / Containment

The flat outsole and Bounce’s robustness make the shoes have a solid base. Left firmness depends on the size of the hull of the shoe should you choose the correct size to avoid the size of the purchase is too large. Mesh/foam material is much more robust than conventional mesh fabrics as it almost not stretchs under pressure. Thanks to the design of the burrito and nylon bands, the shoes firmly stuck up, and the shoelaces do not fall off during play. You only need to wiring properly once and you can rest assured until the end of the day.

While the high neck does not make much sense, it also contributes to your firmness. The heel block is also quite basic and works but nothing special.

Almost all of the cap cover in another material. In the picture below you can see the soles of the triangle and the black rubber on the nose are all higher than the feet. Along with the sturdy material, this ensures that your foot does not slip off the shoe when braking.


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