Adidas D Rose 7 review

Adidas D Rose 7 Review

Adidas D Rose 7 is probably the most successful basketball shoes of Adidas in the last decade. But with the downfall of Derrick Rose himself, Rose 7 is probably the final version of this collection.

Adidas D Rose 7 Material / Design

The truth is that the D Rose 7 has a slightly hard-edged design because of the incredible neckline. The shoe’s body is made of plastic cloth net and the neck and tail are sewn into a pair of high boots. The extra part is made of a foam type is very firmly wrapped as well as high-quality cloth wrapped up happy eyes. The wiring passes through two ribbons under the nose similar to the 2016 club and continues to thread through two pieces of synthetic leather on either side of the shoe. The shortened version of the Rose 7 and Rose 773 V also has the same shape.

The net fabric of the shoe feels slightly weak until it is directly touched. Even without the nylon underneath, this mesh is also very thick and hard. After the heel area is a heel block from hard plastic covering both sides of the heel and a range of Boost at the bottom.

Boots of Rose 7 are quite thick on the heels (club, CE as well as D.Rose 6) and lower down in the nose. The slope of Rose 7 is somewhat higher than Crazylight, so the nose is slightly less Boost. In addition, instead of using roll cage, adidas simply wrapped the outsole directly on Rose’s Boost to achieve the same effect.

Finally, the most impressive detail of the shoes is the 100% fish-shaped sole with the little flame formation. Under the heel and toe of the foot also has a plastic pad to help shoes do not break too much.

Adidas D.Rose 7 Technology:

Body made of engineered mesh or wool (Primeknit)

  • Coat of shoes from solid foam
  • Stand 100% Boost
  • Van herringbone throughout the soles


480 grams in size 10.5 US, 44 2/3 Eur, only inferior to every D.Rose 6 in the basketball line.

Assurance (support)

By using the best quality materials for shoes, Rose 7 can handle any problem (except cement yards, of course !!!). There is almost nothing to complain about Rose 7 in this category.

Adidas D Rose 7 Fit

The process of going to the feet of D.Rose 7 is quite comfortable because the shoe has plenty of space between the tongue and the heel. However, putting too many shoelaces on the shoe’s neck also makes strings more tangled than usual. The body is very quiet but almost no openings.

The right size fit shoes, similar to Crazy Explosive, but maybe you can still get half size if you want. The area between the feet and the heels is well hugged because the entire shoelace system is there. However, the tip of the shoe will feel redundant, especially on the toes. Dame 3 has a similar design but absolutely no such “open nose” sign.

Adidas D Rose 7 Traction

The D Rose 7 line has always had a steady traction with the exception of Rose 2.0 (2.5 is out).

The distance between ridges is very reasonable, which makes dusting very good and extremely effective when dust is present. However, on an extremely dusty field, the braking response is not 100%. If Kobe 9 is rated 10 out of 10, then Rose 7 should be at least 9. Soft rubber also means that this is not an outdoor shoe (but does not mean you can not).

Adidas D.Rose 7 Cushioning

Rose 7’s Boost class is also extremely stable and tough as its senior juniors. High shock absorbers make the shoes suitable for all positions, especially heavy players. At the same time because it is not as soft as Rose 6, the Rose 7 is also “quicker”, which makes it the second best place from the bottom of the line.

The Rose 7 experience does not bring anything special, but it always delivers instant performance as well as a combination of stability and smoothness that other brands find it hard to keep up with.

 Adidas D Rose 7 – Conclusion

Except for a few defects in leg fit and leg strength, the Adidas D.Rose 7 is still the safest, most stable choice for the high-end basketball shoe segment. The price of the mesh version is $ 140 and the Primeknit is $ 160 but you can still earn them for $ 100 to $ 130.

Along with Derrick Rose’s own downward move is the rise of the shoe line for some reason. Adidas has been very successful in transforming a line of ultra-light, super-lightweight shoes into an extremely stable, sure-fire yet extremely comfortable shoe for all. And they do that by keeping the name of Derrick Rose on their product.

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