Adidas Crazylight Boost 2016 review

Adidas Crazylight Boost 2016 Review

If asked which shoes sparked the weight race among basketball shoes, we could think of Nike Hyperdunk. But the shoes really beat all the usual limits and set the record that little is breaking down is Adidas Crazylight Boost 2016. With all three versions of the heavyweight under 10 oz. Or 283.5 grams at size 9US, adiZero Crazy Light has gained a reputation in a way of its own.

However, the development of the basketball industry has somewhat hampered the race to cut the material. After these three versions, Adidas decided to gain weight for Crazylight, turning the shoe into Crazylight Boost 2016. In 2014, when the first version appeared at the same time as D.Rose 5, CL Boost did not impress too much because there was not enough star power (only Damian Lillard advertising Crazylight Boost).

Up until the end of the Crazylight Boost 2015, the line of shoes would have come from using Primeknit and other superstars James Harden and Andrew Wiggins. Club 2015 is not bad but everyone wants to have more Boost on this line of shoes, and Adidas does not disappoint the fans. The CrazyLear 2016, using the first toe-to-toe footbed in basketball court history, has made the brand a new trend this year.

Adidas Crazylight Boost 2016 Technology:

  • Body shoe from Jacquard weave
  • Stand 100% Boost
  • Traditional herringbone soleplate with Continental rubber (only on some colors)
  • Roll cage from soft plastic helps to cover the bottom of the boost


At size 10.5, Boost 2016 weighs in at 500 grams, more than 2015 at 100 grams and over 2014 at 150 grams.

Adidas Crazylight Boost 2016 Design / Material:

After Lillard 2, Crazylight Boost 2016 is the next pair of Adidas that use woven upper fabric. If Nike is still using them for high-end shoes such as Jordan XX9, XXX, XXXI or KD 8, Adidas will only get $ 105 and $ 120 for it. The fabric on the Crazylight is very solid design, quite soft as well as patterned texture. One point except that this fabric is a little hard to wash if dirty, you should avoid trapped sediment as well as restrict on the rainy days.

The club’s new design is extremely slim and long to the length of the foot, and Adidas also uses very little holes on the shoe. The heel counter is equipped with a heel counter and a neoprene pad for the shoe.

Crazylight 2016’s floating point is a huge Boost sole, thick with Rose 6 before. To prevent the tip of the shoe to overturn, the Adidas attaches a piece of plastic on either side. The sole of the shoe is rounded on the heels and uses a slightly drowned wheel pattern. The version tested by has the Continental logo, which shows that this is a high-grade rubber material. (Most of the models have a Continental sole, while a white sole or inner sole will not. True to both Lillard 2).

Adidas Crazylight Boost 2016 Fit

Feeling quite new foot on foot quite comfortable thanks to the relatively short but smooth tongue. The Jacquard material also ensures the necessary hugging and absolutely no feet. Having only 4 holes means you will not have to spend time adjusting wires like other shoes. However, in some cases, the cable at the foot is slightly painful to the leg, especially when the condition occurs.

Speaking of heels, this is probably the biggest concern for people buying shoes. Crazylight Boost 2016 is designed quite slender and long makes the heel is always a piece even when you tie tightly. Buying half size or one size can reduce this situation, but not radical. What you can do is punch a hole in the back of the last hole, use the waist belt or whatever you have in hand.

This new hole makes the heel part tighter on your leg and completely eliminates slipping. After using this trick, I do not have any pain on my forearm anymore.


You should buy a size smaller than 0.5 or keep and use the trick to avoid wearing too tight shoes. The Primeknit version of Crazylight 2016 is required to buy the right size because it is difficult to pinch leg.


The most impressive part of Crazylight Boost is the basement. It shows extremely well on wooden floors as well as cement. Adidas does not forget to make strips that cover the sole so that you can grip the floor at all angles. Unfortunately, the dust still makes it difficult, you still have to clean the sole after a few turns.Boost 2016 has a standard fit, is simply not completely dust resistant.

Despite the use of Continental rubber, the rubber material is still soft and easy to wear if played outdoors. You can go within 2.3 months and stick to if you want.

Adidas Crazylight Boost 2016 Cushioning

To avoid long lines, I can say that the Boost in these shoes is extremely smooth and comfortable. At the heels of you have a large pad under your feet to relieve any shaking. Except for Black foam (Brandblack) or Zoom (Nike), few shoes provide the same feeling. Not only that, this heel is definitely stronger than the other two technologies.

Also to say the nose does not feel soft and bouncing like on Ultra Boost. The reason may be due to the pad fixed on the bottom of the foot, the hard cloth on the top, and the roll cage on the outside. You can feel the slightest shuffle but not much and clear. This also means that the nose pads of the shoes work very well and keep the sensitivity needed for basketball.

If you go Crazylight 2015 will also feel 2016 slower than a but in return, it is a much quieter foot. Transition also has nothing to do thanks to the flat sole and the relaxed Boost from the heel.

Adidas Crazylight Boost 2016 Assurance (support)

Just a picture above to show you the status of equipment to the teeth of this version of Crazylight. All the plastic parts provide the upper part of the rigidity as well as the support for the initial heel slippage. The nose roll cage is very flexible so it can do its job without causing you to step on a piece of brick.

Two margins on the nose are enough for anyone to feel secure about the stability of their shoes. Plus, the heel pad keeps the Boost stable and ensures your legs do not twist up after playing.

Adidas Crazylight Boost 2016 – Conclude

With the heaviest weight in the CrazyLight line, the Adidas Crazylight Boost 2016 premium offset version, ultra-quiet padding, and sturdy frame. Even with that weight, a pair of feet like this does not make you feel heavy. In addition, Boost with excellent jet absorption also allows you to play longer. Adidas Crazylight Boost 2016 is especially suitable for low top players who want maximum protection. You can now buy these shoes for $ 100 or less at Amazon or other sites.

Your last tip is to take another hole because slipping is the only reason that 2016 club lost points. Do not forget to read this article if you are interested in this pair of shoes.

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