Adidas Crazy Explosive Primeknit

Adidas Crazy Explosive Primeknit Review

As one of the adidas summer trilogy, Crazy Explosive impresses with its dazzlingly glossy finish and super cool Primeknit. Originally designed for John Wall and promoted by Andrew Wiggins, is Adidas Crazy Explosive Primeknit a multi-location shoe?

Adidas Crazy Explosive Primeknit Design / Material:

The whole body of the shoe makes of Primeknit and the thick inner neoprene inner boot and mesh fabric provide a sense of luxury from the inside out rarely seen on basketball shoes. The wool is quite stretch but not equal to Ultra Boost but quite thick and feel very happy hands. The cheaper mesh version made from net cloth is also pretty ok, just the feeling is not worth the money. CE is also a pair of high heels towards smoothness when the two sides of the ankles are unobstructed and shoe placement is quite easy.

Adidas continues to use only 4 holes for Crazy Explosive, which is quite strange since CE has far more material than Crazylight Boost 2016. Both ends are lower than normal, connected to cables under the wool. The large round shoelaces are quite nice but you need to tie them properly to avoid slipping while walking. At the same time do not tie too tightly because it will increase the pressure on the cable tie.

One of the most exciting things about  Crazy Explosive Primeknit is the fact that it’s a thick Boost base, but adidas is a little tricky for your eyes (which will be mentioned in the Cushioning section). The outer layer of Boost on the outer edge is plastic or roll cage. Unlike Crazylight, the adidas cover both the heel and the nose and also “punch” the hole in the heel to show the Boost after it.

The shoe sole is a combination of Kobe XI’s groove, Crazy 97’s curved sole and labyrinth-shaped or “coral” pattern as seen on the main page of the adidas. Beneath the Boost layer is an 8-piece pad that protects the sole of the foot and stabilizes the Boost, which is similar to Rose 5, 6 or any other Boost Boots.


Crazy Explosive is also lighter than Crazy “Lightweight” 2016.

Adidas Crazy Explosive Primeknit Fit

5 out of 5, 10 out of 10 or A + can  use to express this side of Crazy Explosive. The fabric layer and wool almost hugging the foot from nose to heel to bring a sense of lockdown as well as “flatter legs” quite. The heel block will be a bit tight at first but the discomfort will disappear after only a few passes. Fit is the best and most expensive side of Crazy Explosive. In the triple and even this year, Adidas does not have comparable shoes.

The inside of the shoes has quite a few air holes but in addition to the bootie layer is equipped with dense holes so the shoes are not hot. At least I think so because I did not have a try in hot weather. In addition to the problem of leg pain if the tie too tight and a bit uncomfortable initially Crazy Explosive Primeknit has nothing to complain about this.

Adidas Crazy Explosive Primeknit Traction

The base of the CE curved up, almost like a pair of running shoes, also caused the angle of the ground to be stretched and friction a little more. Soft rubber material is good for dust, but there is no “fast” or “tightening” like Crazylight Boost. “Slow but sure” is probably a word to say, but it can be assured that shoes rarely slip and turn easily. Anyway, CE should also be J.Wall 3.

Another advantage of the base is no need to wipe a little, which is a bit sad at the club. However, the rubber layer feels fragile more fragile than many other shoes. It is easily smudged, scratched, peeled and will definitely be a nightmare for street ballers. I took it out on the street just a few times but was able to use my hands to pull the top layer of rubber out. However, the lower layer of the rubber also has a larger version and (probably) has better grip.

Adidas Crazy Explosive Primeknit Cushioning

To keep away from the time (by wasting time) it can say that the heel of Adidas Crazy Explosive Primeknit is still very cool and not unlike 2016 club. Even with the help of the “shell” that it feels. More elasticity. I do not remember how many times he was playing against the heels of the CE every time he went away, probably several times a dozen times a day.

Saying something, the biggest difference is the shoe tip. As mentioned above, the nose curves and rounds and the amount of Boost directly below your legs is thinner than you see from both sides. Adidas may do so to increase pitch and contribute to a firmer footing. But that does not mean you will not feel a bit cheated. As seen in the figure below, the Boost curled up in the nose is just “fake” only.

This has two consequences, the first is the ability to absorb shock will decrease. The club as well as D.Rose 7 “dress” more in the nose and also quieter. But instead, Crazy Explosive is more bouncing. One part may be due to the soft rubber layer and one part may be due to the hard plastic under the heel not covering the foot pad. Generally, you have a pair of shoes that can adjust more easily, bouncing but not really as imaginative.

Assurance (support)

Crazy Explosive has almost every feature of a sturdy pair of shoes. From the ultra-tight body to the heel block, roll cage for both the nose and the heel, your legs will almost always stay in the shoe and be protected in tight spaces. Plastic # 8 contributes to the heel of the foot and creates a pedal for the Boost. And yet, Crazy Explosive has an extra-wide sole, which is wider than most other shoes by 1 cm. Is this enough to ensure you will not overturn?

Near enough. If Crazy Explosive is not too curvy and the heel is a little bit stronger. I had a slight flip of my ankle two times before going Crazy Explosive. Although it is very light it also makes me feel slightly shoes. After that, I do not have any problems, probably because the legs are more familiar with this type of sales.

Performance on the shelf

With a starting price of $ 150, Crazy Explosive is just the standard. But now you can get them for $ 120- $ 130. The mesh version will be a little cheaper and will be worth the money if you make it for less than $ 100.

Adidas Crazy Explosive Primeknit – Conclusion

Adidas Crazy Explosive Primeknit is an almost perfect shoe that does not take into account the strength of the sole and the thickness of the Boost. This is a pair of shoes especially suited for players or casual, cut but like the feeling of maximum hugging legs and not afraid of high neck. Most players in every position are also suitable for Crazy Explosive if you do not mind a bit shaken. In fact, Crazy Explosive still the NFL’s PF most travel (Guess C most duo does?).

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